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Our Team goal is to recruit TrafficWave referrals using a system that is completely fair to each and every member. Our Teams within a Team concept ensures that no matter how large the main Team becomes, each member has an equal chance of recruiting their own TrafficWave referrals from the moment they join. Your own 3-6 person Team will be promoting for you and your individual Team members only, not hundreds of others.

One of the many things that sets us apart from other TrafficWave Teams is our Banner Program that lets our members advertise another business of their own choice on both their Team and Personal Pages. This means that our members can promote both TrafficWave and a second business opportunity while also achieving their Team Page hit count requirement.

Team LATW has features that no other TrafficWave Team offers:

Team LATW has solved the biggest problems of large teams and the long waiting period for their members to get referrals. Within our main Team are smaller Teams consisting only of a member's upline and downline. Instead of using a Hot Seat concept, with Team LATW each member of a Team promotes a link that automatically rotates the splash pages of the members on their individual Team. Teams range in size from 3 to 6 depending on the number of referrals a member has. You will not be promoting for hundreds of strangers who joined before you. You and your immediate upline and downline will be promoting only for each other. It's a simple concept and it does work!

When a subscriber from your Team's AutoResponder requests to join at a later date, the referral link of the member whose page subscribed that person will be sent. Teams promote independently of each other so you are never promoting for hundreds of other members, you are promoting for YOUR Team, YOUR upline and YOUR downline. An unlimited number of referrals can be recruited using this system.

The only requirement to receive referrals from your Team AutoResponder is a minimum of 500 hits per week to your Team page in Traffic Exchanges and/or Safelists. Of course, the more each Team Member promotes, the better their chances are of getting referrals. Team LATW takes care of contacting all potential referrals and following up so all you need to do is promote one link. It couldn't be easier!

Team LATW also offers options for its members to promote ads with no hit count requirements. We provide a Personal AutoResponder Campaign with a pre-written letter series which will help you to BUILD YOUR LIST while recruiting TrafficWave referrals. We even have Team and Personal Pages where you can advertise both TrafficWave and another program you are promoting at the same time.

You will receive a FastTrack Bonus equal to your TrafficWave monthly subscription fee for every new active referral in your downline. Once you have 3 referrals, your subscription is completely paid for by your commissions.

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