Smaller Teams Mean Faster Results


Our Team goal is to recruit TrafficWave referrals using a system that is completely fair to each and every member. Our Teams within a Team concept ensures that no matter how large the main Team becomes, each member has an equal chance of recruiting their own TrafficWave referrals from the moment they join. Your own 3-6 person Team will be promoting for you and your individual Team members only, not hundreds of others.

One of the many things that sets us apart from other TrafficWave Teams is our Banner Program that lets our members advertise another business of their own choice on both their Team and Personal Pages. This means that our members can promote both TrafficWave and a second business opportunity while also achieving their Team Page hit count requirement.

  1. How have you eliminated the Hot Seat?

    Team LATW has solved the biggest problems of large teams and the long waiting period for their members to get referrals. Within our main Team are smaller Teams consisting only of a member's upline and downline. Instead of using a Hot Seat concept, with Team LATW each member of a Team promotes a link that automatically rotates the splash pages of the members on their individual Team. Teams range in size from 3 to 6 depending on the number of referrals a member has. You will not be promoting for hundreds of strangers who joined before you. You and your immediate upline and downline will be promoting only for each other. It's a simple concept and it does work!
  2. How does the Team system work?

    Each of our members is part of a 3-6 person Team. The Team Page every member promotes contains both their own TrafficWave referral link and a form to the Team LATW AutoResponder. We have a wide variety of Team squeeze pages that our members can choose to promote.

    If someone signs up using the TrafficWave referral link on a member's Team page, the new referral will go immediately into the downline of that member as their personal referral.

    When someone subscribes to the Team AutoResponder from a member's Team Page, the name of that member is registered. If a subscriber requests to join at a later date, the referral link of that member is sent. It doesn't matter how many Teams there are since each Team rotates independently of each other. Every single Team LATW member has an equal chance of receiving referrals from the moment they join.

    Our Teams consist of referrals who are either in a members' upline or downline. This greatly increases the chance for "spillover" for all members.

    Team LATW has features that no other TrafficWave Team offers:
  3. How do I promote Team LATW?

    Each member is provided an AdTracker link to promote in Traffic Exchanges, Safelists, Social Media or anywhere else. In addition to a wide variety of squeeze pages you can choose, we also provide banners and pre-written texts for you to use. Our weekly hit count minimum is 500, but promoting more will increase your chances of getting your own TrafficWave referrals. Hit counts for all current members are posted every Sunday evening.
  4. Do I need my own website in order to promote Team LATW?

    Absolutely not. All of our squeeze pages and banners are hosted on our Team LATW server.
  5. What if someone joins by using my TrafficWave referral link on my personal page or if I personally recruit a new member?

    If someone creates a TrafficWave account using the referral link on your Personal Team LATW page or is recruited by you personally, they will be eligible to join Team LATW.
  6. What does it cost to join Team LATW?

    It doesn't cost a cent to join our Team and it never will, but you must create a paid TrafficWave account as a referral of one of our current members. That is how our Team works to get referrals for our members and for you when you join.

    The monthly TrafficWave subscription fee is $17.95. Once you have 3 active referrals in your downline, your monthly fee is completely paid for by your commissions. Our Team is dedicated to getting you those referrals and more. Click here to see the TrafficWave Affiliate pay plan.
  7. What if I already have a TrafficWave account?

    In order for our system to work, all new members must create a paid TrafficWave account in the downline of one of our current members.
  8. Can I join with a free TrafficWave 30 day trial account?

    It is of course possible to create a free TrafficWave account for 30 days, but you will not be eligible to receive active referrals from the Team LATW Rotator System and cannot receive TrafficWave commissions until you upgrade your account. Our Team is designed to provide active referrals to our members, and that's who we are recruiting.
  9. How many referrals can I receive from Team LATW?

    You can receive an unlimited number of referrals using our system.
  10. How long will it take for me to get my referrals from Team LATW?

    There is really no accurate way to predict this as there are far too many factors involved. We get people who are interested in joining us subscribing to our Team AutoResponder on a daily basis. Anyone who requests a link to join our Team is sent the TrafficWave referral link of the Team LATW member whose page they visited when subscribing to the Team AutoResponder.
  11. How do "spillovers" work with TrafficWave commissions?

    With the TrafficWave 3 x 10 forced matrix system, each affiliate only needs 3 referrals to fill their first level and have their monthly subscription completely paid for by commissions. All future referrals will spill over to their next level (up to 10) thereby earning commissions for both that affiliate AND those in their downline who have at least one direct referral. Simply put, you will not only earn commissions from your downline, you can also earn commissions from your upline.